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The Jeremy Womack Show welcomes Charity Faith, visionary and founder of Watercolor Marketing. Charity Faith and Watercolor Marketing provide every client with a complete and comprehensive vision of their operating environment. Their exclusive color-based scaling system offers their clients detailed expert analysis at a glance. This provides insight into current levels of success in four primary areas: local presence and storefront, specialty and mobile, business to business, and online presence.

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Charity Faith & Watercolor Marketing

Charity Faith & Watercolor Marketing

Charity Faith has worked in the Las Vegas nightlife scene since 2007. Although it’s not her main focus now, she still dabbles in it from time to time. One of her first jobs was with AMG (Angel Management Group), as an office assistant. Her first real opportunity as a promoter came from Randy Davila to work at the newly multi-million dollar renovated Moorea Beach Club.

From there, Charity was picked up by MAXIM Events to assist with scouting and hiring for their events. Not ever one to sit still, in 2008 she then joined Tony Marchum’s team (Vegas Group Entertainment) and help him build his modeling agency, nightlife promotions team, and full-service concierge company.

Charity Faith has also been involved with First Friday Las Vegas for quite sometime. She’s helped in many different areas. Most notably, the area specifically for teens to hang out and have a good time.

Taking her knowledge in helping marketing businesses, Charity started Watercolor Marketing, a company that focuses on the vibrancy of a company’s current social reach through branding, personality and demographic relevance. Her first “big” client, even though she was just starting out, was the wildly popular SkinnyFATS. All of the skills she acquired from her past jobs were implemented towards the “building” of SkinnyFATS.



Other companies that Watercolor Marketing have helped are:

  • Las Vegas Distillery
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Sensation
  • Circle Fifty (Houston)
  • Red Wagon Tours – a partnership company with the Las Vegas Distillery.

Charity Faith is from Honolulu, Hawaii. She has lived in Las Vegas for 8 years. Her experience in the work force started when she was 14 years old, having had many jobs in different fields and industries.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Charity Faith has been sober for almost 2 years, a feat in itself in the Las Vegas industry. She is also a single parent to her daughter Chole. Chole is Charity’s world and literal “mini-me”.

Charity Faith & Chloe

Chloe & Charity Faith